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Your complex health issues can be analysed by looking at your signs and symptoms, your lifestyle and general health.

I will analyse the photos of the tongue, the ears and the palms. As peculiar as it sounds, the whole body conveys information of what the ailment is.

You will need to make a few photos with a flash. These include the photos of:

  • the tongue and under the tongue,
  • both ears, and
  • palms

Please make an appointment by email (zestacupuncture@ gmail.com). I need all the information from you (problem description, signs and symptoms, as well as the photos) 48h before the consultation.



Please book an online consultation by using:

I will text you back, call you back or answer your email.

I offer two different consultations:

  • herbal consultation, for herbs and nutrition
  • full-health 2.5h consultation.  I will explain what ails you on all levels and how to find solutions. This may include herbs if you like or not.

What can I help with?

I specialise in:

  • mental issues: anxiety, panic attacks, low moods, ADD, ADHD, stress, insomnia etc,
  • vertigo / dizziness
  • headaches
  • digestive issues: IBS, constipation, diarrhoea, belching, bloating, etc
  • allergies and inflammation issues (rheumatoid arthritis etc) or fatigue
  • pain especially related to former injuries, falls, or related to worn out spine/hip bones, sciatica and so on
  • skin issues: eczema, acne
  • menopausal problems
  • fertility, IVF-boost
  • low immunity or fatigue
  • weight loss

I help children, teens, teenagers and adults.

A holistic approach allows a treatment of the whole person. There are usually benefits beyond what you are looking for.

    14 days,What will happen next?

    I will listen to you to understand your issue. I will analyse all the signs and symptoms and carefully collect all the relevant information. Then, I will decide about the herbal strategy (herbal consultation) or a strategy based on well-being Body-Mind practises and food plus herbs (total-health consultation).

    I will prescribe the best herbal extracts to match your problem and I will order them from the Herbal Pharmacy in Manchester. They will be delivered to your home, anywhere in the UK.


    Why herbal extracts?

    The daily dosage of raw herbs would be anywhere from 70g to 120g per day. The amount is high because we need to assure the medicinal value of the herbs.

    A regular tea bag (say of Earl Grey) weights around 1.5-2g. So, the daily amount of raw herbs taken to cook a decoction is equivalent to the amount coming from 48 to 80 tea bags – to give you an idea.

    The herbs should be cooked twice, each time for 30min, at least. It may be difficult to do in a busy life. Hence,  we offer herbal extracts, where each gram of the powder is equivalent to 7-9g of raw herbs.

    These extracts are produced from cooked herbs in the SunTen Pharmaceuticals herbal company, which has been delivering herbs for the last 50 years in the UK. 

    The herbal extracts are soluble in water, so they are easy to take. The downside is that they are usually not tasty. However, 5-year old patients are able drink them, so I am sure you can, as well.

    The treatment

    The herbs will need to be taken daily, initially for 14-18 days.  We will make an evaluation around the 15-16th day and I will decide how to continue.

    Things usually improve within the first week and depending on the issues at hand, I may need to reduce some of the herbs or add new ones. The  treatment will usually take 1-3 months.

    There are however cases that are resolved within a month and others that need 6 months. It is related to the severity of the problem, how long it has been affecting you (say 20 years versus 3 months), and whether there are additional issues that need to be addressed as well.


    • Initial herbal online consultation£70
    • Follow-up consultation:  £50
    • FULL HEALTH consultation, £250 + follow-up: £100

    • Herbs for teens/adults for 2 weeks: £50
    • Herbs for kids less than 10 years old for 2 weeks: £38

    Get better and become a renewed Self!

    If you want to Improve

    Your Health I will help

    you to get there


    • to connect to your True Self and
    • awaken your Inner Power

                     so that 

    you can embrace your Potential. 



    Acupuncture eases pain and treats various physical, mental and emotional conditions. It works by adjusting the nervous system, improving blood flow, stimulating stem cell release to injury sites, and helping body systems to become active.


    Facial rejuvenation

    Facial rejuvenation involves face acupuncture and massage. It can reduce wrinkles, eliminate fine lines, lift sagging skin and improve skin colour and texture.



    Herbal medicine offers a safe and effective therapy to awaken the body’s natural processes and encourage healing. Herbs correct imbalances between organs: address both deficiencies and excesses and facilitate well-being.




    Tuina softens tense muscles, mobilises joints and tendons, and gets the blood and lymph moving. It works on the nervous system and improves the functioning of the internal organs.



    Cupping  improves circulation, eases pain and inflammation, and achieves relaxation. It works as a deep-tissue massage which is often beneficial for various injuries.


    Gua sha

    Gua sha healing massage can lead to an immediate relief from pain, stiffness or cough. It works well both for acute and chronic organ disorders.



    Singing bowls make sound that gives a feeling of harmony, relaxation and joy. This is effective for people with an active lifestyle, resigned, depressed, or stressed-out.



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