Stress is tension.

Stress is pressure.

Stress is emotional strain.

Ailments, aches and health issues develop when you are “pressed” too much or too often to fit in or to manage circumstances you do not know how, because you have not developed the skills yet.

Some stress is necessary in life. Too much stress has an adverse effect. Too little stress has an adverse effect. The key is to manage it in a flexible way.

The road to balance begins when you enter the Healing Space, defined by Light, Space and Potential. These are of course metaphorical concepts but they capture what is essential to be well.

Light provides a way in the darkness and allows you to see. Light allows you to notice the difference, discriminate and choose. Light marks an activity. Light is your vision, your goal and your purpose.

Space can be a mental space (the quality of your thoughts) , an emotional space (your beliefs and feelings) or a physical space (such as nature or a comfort desk to work on). The space offers you sufficient room to be who you are, to breathe freely and to be relaxed yet focussed. It supports you to be in the flow. Space is necessary to let you feel that there is a potential to grow.

Potential can be seen as favourable conditions or circumstances, or some specific features of the Space and Light that encourage you to take massive action in order to establish new habits, or grow your inner Self. Any road to wellness requires you to be in charge in order to get well and to become an integrated Self.

I welcome you to the Healing Space. I offer Light, Space and Potential for change. I will ignite your Zest for life.


Deep relaxation.

Ease of pain.

Breathing well.

Feeling light.

Feeling good.

Being yourself.

Exercising courage.

Taking action.

The goal of the therapies offered at Zest Acupuncture and Wellness is to make you relax deeply and to get you well physically, mentally and emotionally. Your Body and Mind wait to be ignited into a cooperation.




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